Scientific Breakthrough | Saturday 22nd February 2020

Here’s How I Cured My Wife’s 4 Years of Chronic Insomnia with a…

7-Minutes-a-Day Hack That

MAKES Her SLEEP Like a Baby Beating INSOMNIA 

and Wake Every Morning Super Energetic!

She takes sleeping pills every night…

She avoids alcohol…

She even avoids taking a nap at daytime so she could sleep at night…

She exercises regularly…

She avoids stimulants like nicotine and caffeine..

She doesn’t eat or drink right before going to bed..

Just as the doctor ordered.

She’s tired… all the time… She’s like a living zombie…

Exhausted & Depressed.

She has Mood swings, she is irritated over minor topics, and anxiety never leaves her.

But every night, the lifestyle never changes.

she tries to ignore it, but for my wife Rose

She is a prisoner of her insomnia.

A 32-year-old lady, trapped by this deadly problem – Insomnia.

Her body seems restless due to lack of energy, as the realization set in…

She was going to suffer from Insomnia for the rest of her life.

Rose looked up at me, and in tears, she uttered 6 words I

don’t think I’ll ever forget…

“I hate to live like this”, she said.

I’ve never felt so helpless in all my life.

I was angry at the doctors whose pills and recommendations have

done nothing…

Angry at God for letting this happen to the woman I loved.

Angry at myself for not being able to do anything to help.

But I couldn’t. I didn’t know how.

So why am I sharing this story with you today?

What happened next is very painful for me to tell…

But it forced me to go on a journey that changed everything in my life, and the life of tens of thousands of women and men around the world

That led to my discovery of a “7-Minutes-a-Day Hack”…

One so powerful it would completely transform my 30-year-old wife’s life…

After years of failed doctor’s & so-called sleep expert’s recommendation  and feeling hopeless…

She started falling asleep within 5 minutes of lying down, and in just a matter of days….

She Started beating insomnia in a totally natural way, it made her sleep like a baby and more importantly, she wakes every morning super energetic.

She became energetic, was happier and even her co-workers in her office noticed her newly found energy & enthusiasm.

Going From This to This

Relieving her of the debilitating feelings of restlessness, anxiety and depression that was ruining her health…

while restoring the energy, hope, sex drive, and zest for life that she thought she would never enjoy again…

Leaving her doctor speechless, and every woman and man suffering from Insomnia desperate to know her secret.

You see, despite what you’ve been told the REAL CAUSE of your Insomnia has NOTHING to do with:

⇒ How much you are using the technological device

⇒ How much you deprive yourself of your favorite drinks like coffee or even alcohol…

⇒ How much gruelling exercise you do in order to be tired so you may fall asleep…

Or even genetics or the ageing process…


But it’s not your fault.

Instead, it’s all down to this:

A dangerous alteration of the biological body clock in your body. 

That is forcing your body to keep you AWAKE by SHIFTING your natural sleep cycle…

Let me explain to you what your body’s biological clock is..

Every tissue and organ in your body operates according to biological rhythms. The body clock keeps body processes running according to a schedule. 

Your circadian rhythm is the 24-hour cycle that regulates the timing of processes like eating, sleeping, and temperature.

That scientists have found that the real cause of Insomnia among every woman and man is an alteration of our body’s biological clock- especially those over 30 – who are finding it impossible to get sleepy at night.

And according to new groundbreaking research by a team at Sleep Foundation, USA – Alteration in your biological clock is the REAL root-cause of why you fall asleep in the wrong time or even don’t get your body ready to fall asleep, though your mind feels like it’s time to sleep.

But fear not, by using my discovery of this simple 7-Minutes-a-Day Hack- which I’m about to reveal on this short page…

known only to the inhabitants of a small, barely populated Place of Himalayas, Nepal…

You can quickly target this dangerous alteration of your biological body clock…

And stop your body from keeping you awake all night.

Truth is hidden by the sleep industry whose entire business relies on you NEVER being able to sleep naturally.

And yes, this discovery has nothing to do with avoiding alcohol & coffee, performing meditation, exercising regularly, or even avoiding tech gadgets.

Or extreme medications like taking sleeping pills or any sleep-inducing chemicals.

Instead, it’s just this simple Himalayan 7-Minutes-a-day Hack once a day.

Rose still uses her tech gadgets, enjoys her favourite TV shows in the evenings…

She loves to have a good time having alcohol, and she never avoids coffee.

Alcohol & Coffee are a part of her life, how can you take away that she values so deeply?

In fact, taking these foods are recommended in our method to make sure everything we do feels totally natural!

This 100% safe and natural 7-minutes-a-day ritual that turned my wife’s life around and gave her back her life, where falling asleep at night within 5 minutes of lying – is something too important to hide…

And until now that’s been the problem. This simple hack has been right under our noses and been kept from us by the folks we trust to make us better

But not any more…

Because in the next 2 and a half minutes I’m going to share with you why everything you thought you Knew about sleep and how to fall asleep fast naturally, is flat out wrong.

You are going to be filled with disgust when you hear a sleep industry insider break his code of silence and reveal the 3 biggest sleep LIES touted by doctors and “sleep experts” around the world…

… and the real reason why every sleep ritual or pills you take, may work for a bit, but will always fail…

I will reveal the REAL cause of your body avoiding sleep in the first place..

And the scientifically-proven, ancient 7-minutes-a-day Hack that you can do TODAY…

To tackle to shift your body’s biological clock to your advantage while you are doing your daily activities this very day & start balancing your biological body clock and get ready for your body to fall asleep NATURALLY.

Plus, all the peer-reviewed studies that prove how this works…

The truth is, you and your doctor simply do not know about this simple, all-natural and unconventional breakthrough…

It is so effective that it’s already worked for over 166,304  people — and this number is steadily increasing…

I even used this hack myself and this has highly increased the quality of my sleep. I now wake up energetic and focus on my job with a Zen-like mind, all because I had a very good sleep last night.  I feel incredible.

And just as I can promise the sun will rise tomorrow morning, so can I promise this will work for you too…

Whether you’re male or female… 18 or 80 years old…

Whether you are mildly suffered or chronic sufferer of Insomnia …

And have been like this for 10 weeks or 10 years…

Whether you’ve tried every sleeping pill, every sleep advice from so-called “sleep experts”, or any program out there…

Or simply are worried about future health complications.

I don’t expect you to believe me yet. You may be feeling skeptical. But if you’re ready to get to the real truth about Insomnia, you’ve turned exactly to the right place.

It’s absolutely crucial that you keep reading until the very end, while you still have the chance because I  honestly don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this online.

In the US alone the sleep-health industry is worth $28 billion- that’s billion with a B – full of incapable Sleeping Pills, Mattresses, CPAP Devices, Sleep Pillows, Meditation Program, Exercises, Sleep Centres 

and more…

And the sleep industry is scared, because what  I’m about to reveal could destroy their business model overnight.

The very same cash cow that will NEVER help you sleep better and make asleep fast, but keep you a customer for life.

The last thing they want is for you to see what I’m about to show you.

This information could save your life or the life of someone you love.

So, listen up carefully, because we don’t have much time…

Today, I’m offering you the chance to effortlessly beat insomnia…

To never worry about deadly health complications…

To never worry about your appearances that sleep deprivation has caused, or what your husband or wife really thinks about your insomnia problem but is too scared to tell you…

To never worry about your lack of energy in your daily life that sleep deprivation has caused.

To be free of the guilt and shame that insomnia has caused, and what people think of you…

Instead, you fall asleep in less than 5 minutes of laying down and wake up the next morning super energetic…

Your body starts to fall asleep when evening strike like a clockwork, you become the person who finds it totally easy & natural to fall asleep…

You will look younger, have a better mood, maintain a healthy heart, protect your mental and physical health, and much more….

You tackle the world with quality renewable energy, the kind of energy you could never have dreamed of before…

You restore your vitality, elasticity of your skin, and turbo-boost your sex drive…

And you feel younger, healthier, happier and more focused on your work than you have in years – even decades.

It’s time to free yourself from the prison of insomnia and for all…

Does that sound good to you?

So, close the door, get a pen and paper and make sure you stick this page out until the very end…

because I promise you – you can sleep like a baby with nothing more than my bizarre once a day 7-minutes-a-day Hack to balance your biological clock in less than 10 days.

Yes, it really is that easy.

It’s time I introduced myself properly…

Hello, my name is Blake Patterson living in Miami, Florida.

I’m no doctor. I’m no nutritionist. I’m no guest lecturer at Harvard University.

You know what I am? I’m you. A real person. I’m a 38-year-old electrician and I live with my wife Rose and a baby soon to be born.

I’ve helped my community, their homes with their electricity for over a decade.

But I know what it feels like to lose control.

The same way leaked electricity can turn on you at any moment. Your body can too.

And that’s what happened to Rose.

Rose’s story is one that is very personal and embarrassing, but will be familiar to you.

It started about 5 years ago when she lost her grandfather (her mentor, her role model, and her friend) who was very close to her.

We were average family, happily married, enjoying life, and like the majority of people, taking our health for granted pretty much every day.

Rose had been an all-star volleyball champion in her teens.

An athlete her whole life…

It was one of the things that made me fall in love with her…

But after the demise of her grandfather, she had difficulty falling asleep, and the problem kept getting bigger, soon she developed chronic insomnia.

Every time she looked restless, and she lacked the energy even for mundane activities, I could see her feel shame and guilt for letting herself go like this and not doing anything about it.

We went to see Doctor Lee (a Chinese-American fellow living in Miami, born in Florida) who was very concerned about Rose’s health and warned us we needed to do something before her health deteriorated even more…

or worse.

So surprise-surprise, he recommended mild exercise, gave her some sleeping pills and although we didn’t realize it at the time, this moment would mark the beginning of a 5-years of pain…

Because after the hope and enthusiasm with every new method to eradicate my wife’s insomnia came the crushing disappointment when it would inevitably fail…

And the problem went nowhere, only getting worse even more.

I mean Rose tried everything to beat insomnia: sleeping pills, exercise, meditation, completely avoiding alcohol and coffee.

We went for occasional camping, even vacation every 6 months as recommended by so-called sleep experts.  

We spent tens of thousands on sleeping pills, sleep pillows and mattress, CPAP devices, meditation program, sleep-inducing exercise, sleep-inducing tea and more.

And I’m not going to tell you that these strategies didn’t work. They did work for a while, but like so many people, Rose could experience Insomnia kicking back again.

And every time Rose felt upset or bad, she would surrender to using a cellphone, and even worse went to the TV room and started watching soap operas for hours, and our campaign to get rid of Insomnia was over.

As the years rolled by, Rose’s energy levels, vitality, mood and general health and wellbeing went rapidly downhill.

You see, I know exactly what you are going through, the restlessness, the lack of energy in your workplace, the dark circle around your eyes, the shame.

I get it.

Because I saw Rose live these feelings every day.

But still, we trusted the doctors and although Rose’s sleeping pills and sleep-inducing devices were supposed to help, she suffered more of Insomnia, as she found herself unable to fight the wakefulness that overpowered her every night.

And the more she suffered from Insomnia, the more depressed she became.

She started to become irritated over small matters – and the further away she drifted from the woman I’d fallen in love with.

On top of it all, our sex life had completely gone.

We found ourselves slipping into a long, boring routine of going to work, watching TV and going to bed only to know that my wife’s ugly battle against sleep has just begun.

She was constantly depressed, unhappy and dissatisfied.

Until one night, with Rose battling against Insomnia I found myself browsing Instagram, looking at pictures of one of my pretty looking, fun-loving, co-worker.

I felt so guilty, but I couldn’t help myself.

I wondered why I didn’t find Rose as fresh and elegant as these women. I wished to God I did, but I didn’t.

I felt so bad that I turned off my iPhone and initiated to cuddled her to show how much I loved her no matter what she looked like…

 “Don’t touch me. I’m ugly and disgusting and I’m always going to look like a zombie. I don’t want you to touch me.”

She yelled when I reached out to cuddle her… to kiss her… to show her I cared.

Seeing her embarrassed, laying there depressed…I felt powerless and weak in a way I never thought I could…

That night I lay awake for hours next to Rose, as if I myself had caught with Insomnia, staring at the ceiling and feeling my heart constrict in my chest… Imagining life without my wife…

I had vowed to take care of her.

I made a promise to myself. I was going to do everything in my power to defeat her chronic Insomnia for good, whatever it took.

I was going to fix her, I was going to make her love herself, and I was going to do it without sleeping pills or any sleep-inducing devices.

After all, the reason for most of her sleeping problems over those 5 years had been because of the sleeping pills…

And those useless sleep aid devices she’d been torturing herself with.

Because that’s when her sleep really began to worsen.

The thought of losing Rose too soon broke my heart. She was my everything.

So that night I got on my laptop when she’d fallen asleep, and began my mission.

I started my research with the ability to sleep.

You see, when your natural biological clock is altered, they make your sleep patterns irregular.

You may have already heard of the adrenocorticotropic hormone. It is located within the pituitary gland (attached to the base of the brain) and it helps prepare the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response during times of stress.

However, when adrenocorticotropic hormone levels are high, we find it very difficult to sleep.

Sounds simple enough.

But problems arise when adrenocorticotropic hormone leads to insomnia.

Take a look at this image, I’m sure this cycle sound familiar.

A key factor in how human sleep is regulated is the exposure of your body to light or to darkness.

Also in our body, there is a center called the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) which initiates signals to other parts of the brain that control hormones, body temperature and other functions that play a role in making us feel sleepy or wide awake.

The SCN works like a clock that maintains a regulated pattern of activities that affect the entire sleep pattern. It helps our body to tell the difference between daylight & darkness.

It is here when naturally you should feel sleepy… put your cellphone down, turn off your TV and go to sleep.

But instead, SCN doesn’t work as it is supposed to.

As your body supposed to feel sleepy, the brain never gets the message you’re feeling sleepy.

Instead, you continue to feel stressed, even though you are tired.

Until in the end, the monkey mind never stops chattering, you feel restless, you feel guilty, you feel sick, you feel tired. But you still don’t feel sleepy.

You’ve gone from feeling energetic to feeling sick and tired!

And a short time later, the cycle starts all over again!

This is the exact cycle that Rose had been for years…

And the same cycle, you and any other woman or man struggling with Insomnia are in right now.

That’s a scientific fact.

You see it’s not your fault you took just one, two, or

three sleeping pills, or decided to finish reading a book hoping you will fall asleep, you even develop the willpower to avoid electronic gadgets, all in vain… 

You don’t lack willpower… it’s all down to your body’s inability to turn on the biological clock.

But what causes an alteration in your biological clock?

Well, I couldn’t find a single precise and definitive answer on exactly WHY it happens in the first place.

And why this has started only in the past 60 years.

Look at this graph, people suffering from Insomnia barely existed

in the 1950s.

Doctor Lee himself stated that the medical industry isn’t exactly sure where alteration of our biological clock

comes from, only why it is bad for us and that it Is

increasing at a rapid rate.

In a 2007 study published in the journal Sleep, researchers found that out of 953 adults who said they were people good sleepers, had insomnia symptoms or suffered from insomnia.

About 35 percent of those with insomnia had a family history of insomnia. 

According to a 2008 study, teens with parents who have insomnia have an increased risk of using prescribed sleeping pills and having mental problems.

You may be thinking that it’s because we’re using electronic devices longer, right?

Well, remember that alteration in the biological clock due to SCN not doing its job right as it is supposed to…

Alteration in biological clock CAUSES change in sleep rhythm,

and therefore less sleep  — not the other way around!

So, if your body is developing insomnia was simply a symptom of alteration in your natural biological clock. What was the cause?

How did you or Rose get an alteration of the biological clock, leading to all

the problems of Insomnia?

For weeks, I devoured everything the library had to

offer, I read through hundreds of dusty old medical

journals. I visited Universities, spoke to doctors,

physicians, alternative therapists, and even

Chinese monks for help.

But I found nothing new.

Just the same old tired advice of going out in the daytime, walk for some time, avoid alcohol and coffee, exercise more, be tired before you go to bed.

.. Advice that you or any other person struggling with

Insomnia has heard a

million times before.

I felt like I’d hit a brick wall and after weeks of gruelling research, I was nowhere.

Until I’d left online posts on forums and message

boards requesting any information that could help


I spoke with a man I’ll call

Tim, who has asked to

remain anonymous to protect

his identity.

For 8 years Tim had been

working at America’s biggest sleep-related brand with an

annual revenue of over $2 billion – you know the kind

that ship you those fancy pillows and mattresses, sleep-inducing beds and much more…

Until he became sick of what the sleep industry

had become, and was fired for finally speaking up

against his greedy CEOs and voicing his concerns.

Over our call, he revealed to me the

3 biggest and closely guarded LIES of the sleep industry

And it was because, in his own words, the whole industry was “a giant and deliberate fraud”, which

makes billions every year not by helping you sleep better, but by actively making you DEPENDANT upon them!

As Tim explained, the moment you feel a lack of sleep or get trouble falling asleep in the first place, you’re encouraged to buy sleep-inducing beds, buy expensive pillows and mattresses,  give advice like stop taking alcohol and coffee after 3 pm and so on.

Sounds familiar right?

But the big problem here is that from this moment

on, your sleeping problems, your quality of sleep, and health is destined to only get

WORSE, not better…

After all, when was the last time you too bought fancy pillows and mattresses, 

exercised to feel tired, read books before bed, or even meditated, 

and perhaps felt asleep sooner, and the Insomnia problem was gone forever?

It’s never happened, right?

And this is the Big Sleep Lie #1

It’s okay to take sleeping pills as long as it is approved by FDA

The researchers, led by Daniel Kripke from the Scripps Clinic Viterbi Family Sleep Centre in LA Jolla, California, studied the population who were taking sleeping pills as prescribed by doctors.

The scientists in the study found that even at a relatively low rate of prescription – fewer than 18 doses a year – those who were given the pills had a 3.5 times greater risk of death compared with those who were not prescribed them. 

Individuals who were given pills more frequently – between 18 and 132 doses in a year – were more than four times more likely to be dead at the end of the study.

The risk of death for those on the most pills – 132 doses or more a year – was more than five times that of those on no pills.

The study was carried out in the US, where up to 10% of the adult population took sleeping pills in 2010. The authors estimate that sleeping pills may have been associated with 320,000 to 507,000 extra deaths in the US that year.

Also, studies have found that the more you are dependent on sleeping tablets, the more you become addicted to it, and more pills are required for your body thus increasing Insomnia even more. And the more pills you take, you are training your body for even severe Insomnia – Chronic Insomnia.

Sure, the pills might help you in the beginning but research shows there are many ways in which sleeping pills might shorten life. Such medication has been shown to increase depression, which can trigger suicide. 

They also interfere with motor and cognitive skills, which makes driving dangerous, and can cause sleep apnoea, which results in disturbed sleep and can lead to heart problems.

To really beat Insomnia and keep it off for life – you have

to go after the root-cause — correcting your biological clock – not

just treat the symptoms and live as a slave to your Insomnia.

That’s why sleeping pills and sleep aid devices are

such a cash-cow for the sleep industry.

Because you are still trapped in the sleep deprivation cycle! Sleep industry makes the most profit

by having people completely stuck in the cycle for

life. Trying fad after fad, pills after pills, pillows after pillows and so on.

It made complete sense. That’s exactly what Rose

had been doing for years.

And according to a recent survey the average

American will spend over $111,500 in their attempt to

lose weight over their lifetime.

And that’s just ONE person…

It’s big business and business they will fight to


Because their business model will be destroyed if the world finds out that they can break free, and fall asleep naturally without their useless pills and

sleep aid devices.

Next Tim revealed Sleep Lie #2

This one shocked me.

And this is the Big Sleep Lie #2

Using smartphones or other screens just before bed causes Insomnia

People are said that when you

use smartphones or other screens, because of blue light you find it difficult to fall asleep but blue light interferes with producing sleep hormone – melatonin. 

 And guess

what? Melatonin is caused by not lack of blue light, it is naturally and automatically produced by the body depending upon the sleep rhythm of your body which is induced by your biological clock.

Tim would explain why it is useless to worry about blue light. He knows many people who sleep well and wake up the next morning energetically playing with their cell phones till they fall asleep, most of the time audio or video being played, they felt so sleepy that they couldn’t even shut the audio or video.

Plus, in a 2011 study, they found that people who have the habit of using a cellphone and used it as a means of fall asleep were far more successful in falling asleep than people who totally avoided cell phones. 

The same study conducted research who watch TV just before going to bed, and these people were successful too in making them fall asleep and TV was one of their arsenals to fall asleep soon.

In conclusion, electronic devices are not the main problem, the bigger problem is somewhere else – alternation in the biological clock.

And with that, Tim revealed the Big Sleep Lie #3

And this is the Big Sleep Lie #3

Intake of Coffee hampers your sleep

Can intake of coffee be blamed for


Believe it or not, people who take coffee regularly have much quality sleep and if you do it the right way, it will even make you fall asleep much faster.

The caffeine in coffee blocks adenosine receptors in your brain from receiving adenosine, which is a neurotransmitter that causes fatigue. 

Although caffeine prevents your brain from receiving adenosine, it doesn’t stop your body from producing the neurotransmitter. Thus, when the caffeine wears off, there is a buildup of adenosine that will make you sleepy.

If your coffee’s especially sweet, you may experience a sugar crash shortly after drinking it. Sugar is processed much more quickly than coffee, and it leaves you without energy after it’s used up by your body. 

If you drink coffee-flavoured drinks that have lots of sugar, you may actually be experiencing a sugar rush and crash, more than a caffeine boost, making you even sleepier.

The primary reason why coffee makes you sleepy sometimes is likely because it’s making you dehydrated. Coffee is a diuretic. In other words, it makes you need to urinate.

When your body loses water, your blood thickens. When your blood thickens, it moves more slowly through your arteries and veins. As your blood slows down, it delivers less oxygen to your body. Without as much oxygen, you become sluggish and sleepy.

So, if you thought that your intake of coffee caused

your Insomnia, Think again.

Coffee is not the real cause of Insomnia.

They are not the true cause of alteration of the biological clock.

I know this because in just 1 minute I will reveal to

you the REAL little-known cause of alteration of the biological clock

as proven by numerous research & studies.

A dangerous foreign intruder,

inside every person who struggles with Insomnia

As well as the simple 10-minute-a-day trick you can do RIGHT

NOW to target this intruder and

STOP Insomnia.

The truth? Alteration of the biological body clock can be addressed.

Your inability to fall asleep, constantly waking up at night, shallow sleep is REVERSIBLE. It is not a life sentence.

You see after speaking to Tim I kept wondering…

If sleeping pills, sleeping aid devices, exercise, meditations had done nothing and never

would do anything to help Rose’s Insomnia,

then what could?

If the top 3 things that doctors and the entire sleep industry had told us would help, did nothing for

her Insomnia, or tackle its root cause – alteration in biological clock – then what would?

Sadly, Tim didn’t have the answer.

And I was close to giving up and that’s when I

discovered something that chilled me to the bone…

I’m embarrassed to share this with you, but

I feel I have to…

Using Rose’s laptop one night, I stumbled on some

of her Google searches.

“Best ways to kill yourself”, said one query.

“Painless suicide,” said another.

I had no idea Rose was feeling that low.

I was desperate to help her but didn’t know how.

The future looked dim…

But that very night, I received an email that would

change everything — not that I knew it at the time.

I’ve always believed in God and prayed to him

practically every night for weeks, asking him to help


And I firmly believe that what happened next is proof

that he was listening.

The call came from my boss.

I’d been asked to lead an

electric application installation project in Nepal. In 2011, Nepal suffered from an earthquake that killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000. It occurred at 11:56 Nepal Standard Time on 25 April 2015, with a magnitude of 7.8Mw or 8.1Ms. 

They needed an experienced man as a project

leader, and with my experience, I was one of

the top candidates.

Given Rose’s condition and state of mind, the timing

couldn’t have been worse – or so I thought.

But unable to do anything about it, I set off for

Nepal, leaving Rose’s sister in charge of her


I hated leaving her — but as it turned out, the men I

would meet on that job would provide the answer to

my prayers — and in the strangest of ways.

Right after my gruelling 38 hours of travelling, I’m

introduced to the electricians I would be training, a

group of 18 men from all over Nepal.

Among those men, one was Dorje Sherpa and 5 other guys who

were from a Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal, and the rest of the other guys were from other parts of Nepal. As the weeks went on, I came to realize these guys

who most of them were in their mid-40s, and few in their 30s, slept like a baby, they never struggled to fall asleep, were healthy and full of energy.

Every dinner we spent together I would notice they

would watch TV, used mobiles like teenagers, Sherpa had even a habit of drinking coffee late at night. Back home I would never have seen it.

So that night, I took Sherpa to one side and asked


“How do you fall asleep so fast despite taking coffee this late?”

I told him all about my wife’s condition, her suicidal

thoughts, and that I had nowhere else to turn…

“If you know anything that can help her, please tell

me” I begged.

Sherpa smiled, patted me on the shoulder, and told

me to wait where I was.

A few minutes later, he returned

with a notepad and pencil, and

began to scribble down some of the activities I need to make sure my wife does. Since he has a notepad and pencil, I thought the list is pretty long, but to my surprise, only a few things.

“What’s this?” I asked him,

looking down the list.

“The secret you’ve been searching for,” he said, with

a glint in his eye.

“Our sleeping ability is all down to these activities”, he

continued, mysteriously.

“Insomnia simply doesn’t exist in our place.”

“These activities have been in my family for generations as a daily ritual”,

he said. “Make sure your wife follows these activities daily.”

“Should she have to do it daily?” I asked him,

looking down to the list.

“she doesn’t have to do it daily, only for a few days until she starts sleeping like a baby, and then once a while when she feels she needs to”, he continued.

With that, Sherpa stood up, gave me a knowing

smile, and got back to work.

I had asked to write a blog that evening about it, but he said it is a piece of valuable information and I should not waste it in random blogs, he politely refused! I simply thought he doesn’t believe in the power of well-written blogs.

The minute I returned home to the US; I began

researching the activities from Sherpa’s list.

The first one was something

he referred to balancing charge in our body…

“What the heck was that?” I thought.

I knew electricity has charge, but humans… I was baffled…

I took Rose’s laptop and did some research on whether we humans have any charge in our body, and more importantly how this charge has to do anything with beating Insomnia.

According to research, We are each of us a collection of dynamic electrical circuits…. 

In the living matrix of our complex bodies, trillions of cells constantly transmit and receive energy in the course of their programmed biochemical reactions. ”

“Your heart, brain, nervous system, muscles, and immune system are prime examples of electrical subsystems operating within your “bioelectrical” body. The fact is, all of your movements, behaviors, and actions are energized by electricity.”

Now stay with me here, because this is where it gets

VERY interesting.

“Your heart, brain, nervous system, muscles, and immune system are prime examples of electrical subsystems operating within your “bioelectrical” body. 

The fact is, all of your movements, behaviors, and actions are energized by electricity.”

And I began to search deeper…

And I struck gold.

If done this charge thing properly, then we have a cure for balancing our biological clock synchronized with nature, especially with the daylight and darkness.


According to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine conducted in 2004, Earthing during sleep resynchronizes adrenocorticotropic hormone secretion more in alignment with its natural, normal rhythm.

You remember adrenocorticotropic hormone we talked before right that is responsible for keeping you from falling asleep.

In fact, according to the research conducted in Germany’s Max Planck Institute during the 1960s & 70s, balance in body charge seems to be a valid and definitely low-maintenance approach toward falling asleep in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Since then – study after study, like those published in

the International Journal of Sleep and Well-being.

We now know Insomnia isn’t because of your fault or how

much alcohol or coffee you avoid.

Nor your age.

Nor genetics.

Or the use of electronic gadgets.

Your body’s inability to generate sleep-inducing hormone is actually caused by an imbalance in your body charges.

In fact, the USA has one of the highest percentages of Insomnia patients. Scary.

According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) Poll, 63 percent of women (versus 54 percent of men) experienced symptoms of insomnia at least a few nights per week.

It’s even worse for a pregnant woman. Almost 80% of women experience insomnia during pregnancy.

Roughly 27% of working women suffer from insomnia, compared to 20% of working men.

On my research, I found a shocking revelation: 

Insomnia and depression often go hand-in-hand. 

Although just 15% of people with depression sleep too much, as many as 80% have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. 

Patients with persistent insomnia are more than three times more likely to develop depression.

Simply put, imbalance in our body’s charge is the root cause of Insomnia. That’s the real reason for America’s Insomnia problem.

Finally, it all made sense!

As I finished reading, I felt like I wanted to cry… not

because I was sad, but because for the first time in

YEARS I felt HOPE that I could actually help my wife…

and help the US get our life and our relationship back on


But don’t go out and order this product yet…

YOU See next on Sherpa’s list of simple rituals that take less than a minute. Also, I found in research that Nepalese people suffer from Insomnia far less than US people. 

And Sherpa credits this because of this simple ritual that Nepalese people do knowingly or unknowingly. 

I was now more determined than ever to not

only beat Rose’s Insomnia, but help millions

of others too.

But I came across a problem.

I needed Sherpa’s consent to publish this life-changing hack as a book. 

It took me some time for me to convince him that this information could help millions of people. And as a good soul like that of Sherpa, he agreed.

But another problem arose, I didn’t know how to write a book, let alone a life-changing book.

But of course, without any experience, I had to do something. And Sherpa instructed me that people want a solution to the problem, not a perfectly written book with top-notch grammar.

Then I decided to give a try.

 “This old ancient method breakthrough addresses the one true remedy of Insomnia by balancing your body’s biological clock.

“When you do Sherpa’s teaching in a correct way, you can naturally develop your body where sleep seems completely natural and super easy. 

You will support your ability to fall asleep fast, and

will feel energetic with your night’s sleep.

Satisfied with the easiness of this hack, so you will no longer feel

the struggle of falling asleep, and will effortlessly fall asleep in less than 5 minutes.

Nothing like this had ever been attempted before In

the history of the sleep industry and I literally couldn’t wait

to get started.

And the best part is – because of the easiness to follow Sherpa’s hack and 

100% natural, even a baby can implement what Sherpa has to offer.

We just needed one willing patient to put Sherpa’s teachings

to the test.

And of course, that patient – was Rose.

Honestly, I could see how

Top skeptical Rose was the first time I explained about Sherpa’s teachings and Nepalese people’s 10-minute-a-day hack.

She looked at me like I was


Still, I had to BEG her to try them once a

day… she thought it was just another waste of


On the first day, she said she felt the difference in her body but couldn’t figure out exactly what it was.

On the third day of trying Sherpa’s 10-minute-a-day hack, that evening something remarkable


We’d just finished dinner and I asked Rose to give me a company to watch TV.  “I am sorry honey, I think I should get ready for bed, I feel sleepy,” she said.


I hadn’t heard that in 5 years…

We both looked at each other in shock, then burst

out laughing.

Remember Insomnia is simply an alteration of the body’s biological clock.. well since she had tackled her alteration of the biological clock – her Insomnia vanished, and she started sleeping like a baby. Even the fun part was that the next morning she was energetic like a teenager.

And still, she started to have that sort of glow in her face because of her goodnight sleep. I thought I only noticed her glow until she told her colleagues complimented her as well.

She didn’t force herself to fall asleep.

It was just natural for her.

And each day following was like a dream.

Every evening she started feeling sleepy and by night she craved to go to sleep…

But the best was yet to come.

Day 10 was a sunny beautiful day, and I’ll

remember it forever.

As evening approached, she told me she could feel that her body naturally wanted sleep. After dinner, as usual, I went to the TV room to watch TV.

I heard to the loudest scream I’ve ever


Scared, I instinctively reached for my handgun in the

nightstand, until the screams turned to laughter.

I ran to the bedroom, where I saw Grace throwing all those sleeping pills one by one, tears rolling down her face.

But this time, they weren’t tears of guilt, of shame…

They were tears of happiness – of Joy.

And soon enough, she was a natural person who craves sleep…

Going from this…

to glowing, happy lady I’m proud to call my wife


Every single trace of that evil Insomnia had


And every day she was a normal person who went to sleep at 9 pm not because she had to, but because she craved for sleep.

She was having her sane life back.

Her Mood swings, irritability, and anxiety had totally vanished.

Even her hair seems thicker, she had the warm glow in her face, she was

fuller and shinier than it had…

Her fears of worsening health


On the 12th night we invited Doctor Lee for dinner,

he couldn’t believe his eyes. He was speechless that she wanted to go to bed after dinner, what even surprised him more was that she was craving for sleep and he could observe that clearly in her. 

That evening we threw all those sleep inducing teas, herbs who claimed to cure insomnia in the trash.

What a great feeling!

It was like a time machine taking us back 5 years

before this nightmare began.

But the most amazing thing was watching Rose’s energy throughout the day…

Watching her fighting Insomnia for years

and years shrink away to nothing…

Until one day I came home late that night at around 8:30 and saw her sleeping, she seemed so beautiful sleeping, god I missed this beautiful view for years.

I was a little afraid to touch her at first… afraid she’d wake up and had difficulty falling asleep again.

But when I wrapped my arms around her, she woke up,

tilted her head so I could kiss her neck, then smiled

at me and gave a look which was an invitation for something..

It was the most amazing, passionate night of my life.

As we lay there naked, cuddling and laughing, in love again, in a way we hadn’t been for a long time, I had a huge smile across my face.

To my surprise, she falls asleep again as if it was no big deal for her.

I’d done it. I’d saved my wife.

Rose had broken free from the cycle of alteration of the biological body clock.

She was back in control of her sleep.

Neither of us could believe it.

I was desperate to get the formula out to as many

people as possible, but my wife warned me that one person wasn’t proof that it worked.

And she was right.

It may have worked for Rose, but would It

work for everyone?

I wanted to see if the formula would work on people

who were suffering the most with uncontrolled


I decided to post ads online

 in local newspapers,

asking for volunteers who

 might be willing to try our 10-minute-a-day hack formula to beat Insomnia for the test.

They had to be: Over 28 years

old, had suffered from chronic Insomnia and unable to fall asleep naturally no matter

their doctor’s suggestions or how much they took medications, exercised, meditated and fed up.

After just 5 days, we had 40 people, suffering from

varying degrees of Insomnia to put it to the test.

The results were way more incredible than any of us could ever have imagined.

Without exception, and within a just a few days, all

40 volunteers reported a dramatic change in their sleep patterns.

Energy levels soared…

Stress disappeared…

Sex drive returned and rocketed…

Mood swings, irritability, and anxiety vanished

They supported new healthy hearts, arteries and

blood pressure…

Many reported saw reduction in their time to fall asleep and the quality of sleep improved for the very first time in their lives!

87 percent went to sleep more quickly.

96 percent reported sleeping better throughout the night.

78 percent experienced elimination or reduction of chronic back and joint pain.

100 percent reported feeling more rested when they woke up.

83 percent reported improved general health.”

I received emails, phone calls and text messages

from people overwhelmed

This was It — we’d done it.

We’d developed a natural, scientifically proven treatment

for addressing even the worst cases of Insomnia.

After seeing the effect that Insomnia had on my own wife, I’ve made my

mission to ensure that no one else ever has to suffer

like she did.

This protocol works, and I’m excited to say that the

obscene statistics about Insomnia are about to

change forever.

Remember, due to the pressure environment we now live

in like career pressure, money pressure, kids pressure, our body are being relentlessly attacked by

stress-producing hormones on a daily basis.

This happens no matter where you live on earth. It

is unavoidable.

As a result, they predict that approximately 35% of the global population is affected by Insomnia. 

The global insomnia therapeutics market is expected to reach USD 3.45 billion by 2025.

And who makes most of the money??

You guessed it right….

Pharmaceuticals companies, Sleep Aid Machines Manufacturer, Doctors, So-Called Sleeping Experts…

Today, things are finally about to change.

With Sherpa’s help, we’ve created a scientifically

proven and all-natural formula that will allow you to finally beat Insomnia… and take back control over

your sleep.

… With no medications, no exercises, no meditations, no expensive sleep aid devices, and

you can start TODAY.

And we’ve called it…

Insomnia Snipper.

The one and only all-natural 10-minute-a-day hack that targets the true cause of Insomnia – alteration in your biological clock.

We have created this book where I show you a step by step process on how to beat Insomnia forever. And the good news is that it only takes 7 minutes a day.

Beating Insomnia with Insomnia Snipper is so easy to follow, so easy to do,

a child could…

Yet, it’s more powerful than any Sleeping Pills or

Sleep Aid Devices on the planet.

This formula is not only incredible for beating Insomnia,

but helps support a healthy heart & brain, no more mood swings, no more irritation and no more depression.

It’s also proven to boost your energy levels, improve focus on your work and much more, so you’ll also

be improving your overall health at the same time.

And the best part Is, there’s no need to completely

change your lifestyle, or deprive yourself of electronic gadgets that you love to your dearest!

Here we are, ready for YOU to finally get the Insomnia free life you’ve been dreaming of and which

you deserve…

166,304 people have already transformed their life with quality sleep and waking the next morning more energetic than ever with Insomnia Snipper. Order it now and

achieve the same dramatic improvements in your

sleep life that Rose and they did.

It really is that simple.

And you can get access to everything in the next 90


So, if you’re ready for something big, something new,

something exciting, then it starts right here by you

taking a stand and saying, yes, I’m ready for the

change that Insomnia Snipper can bring into my life.

You need to ask yourself this:

How much is it worth to you to have your friends & colleagues

JEALOUS of your splendid energy and the changes you’ve made to

your body …begging you for your secrets…?

How much is it worth to NEVER feel like you have to

“force” yourself to fall asleep?

Or to burden your family with worry about your


To be back in FULL CONTROL over your


Imagine that for a second…

Really let yourself feel what that would be like…

And then tell me…

How much would that be worth?



There’s one undeniable fact I’ve learned

again and again…

That even when you want something so much and

KNOW it’s a once-in-a-lifetime deal…

As a man or woman who’s spent so much of your life

GIVING and GIVING to others…

Sometimes it feels impossible to be “selfish” and

give yourself what you so desperately need…

Which is why I’m going to do something kind of

risky here

And although my mentor Chris recommended I sell Insomnia Snipper for $997…

And my own wife Grace

suggested $497…

_ And although it’s already helped

 over 166,304 men and women

who would happily pay triple

 that amount after seeing the

results for themselves…

This isn’t about the money for


I know what it feels like to watch someone you love

lose their health. I know the fear, pain and

helplessness of watching your loved one not being able to fall asleep, depressed, and not being able to do anything to

help them. I don’t want this for you. I feel blessed to

have found this amazing formula and now I want to

share it with you.

So, I’m not going to ask for $597…

Or half of that…

Because the truth is, all I’m trying to do here is cover

my costs like copyrighting this book and to keep this technique safe, and keep this website running for as long as

I can, so as many people as possible can benefit.

The last thing I want is for the price to be a factor in your


So even though I will soon charge $97 for a copy of

Insomnia Snipper.

And for most of our customers we’ve heard from, we

saw that a $97 book replaces over $400 in pills, sleeping aid devices, and/or other medication

you may not have to take.

You are here, watching this presentation, and

showing me your trust and since you want the

absolute best for yourself, and to live the healthiest

life possible…

You can get a copy of Insomnia Snipper for a

simple one-time fee of just $37. Yes, just $37.

But before you order, as you’ve seen in the studies

today, Sherpa who have

researched these 7-minutes-a-day hack recommend you

try out Insomnia Snipper for at least 10 days to ensure you get your body to fall asleep fast and naturally. More importantly, have a quality sleep so that you feel super energetic the next morning to tackle your day with full energy. 

So, to guarantee life-changing results, we’re going

to let you order a copy of Insomnia Snipper with some huge bonuses.  


Insomnia Sniper – High Energy Manifesto

Depression & Anxiety Sniper

Insomnia Sniper Checklist

If you do that in the next 30 minutes, you’ll also

get a special FREE bonus – which is the final piece of

the puzzle.

It’s called Insomnia Sniper Lifestyle 

The Team and I are going to simply give you the Brand New Insomnia Sniper – High Energy Manifesto as well, FOR FREE!

Remember, at one time my wife was in the same place you at this very moment,

so I can totally empathize with everything you’ve gone through up to this point.

Like I mentioned before, my wife sat there next to me each day and prayed desperately for energy to tackle the day,

Hoping that I could just wave a magic wand and make her super energetic

And you’re a smart person, I’m not going to stand here and tell you that I can do that…

But I can give you the next best thing… for free.

“High Energy Manifesto” is the perfect addition to the Insomnia Sniper for those of you who want to be super energetic and this package sells on the Internet for $130 dollars.

But you’re not going to pay a single cent,

as long as this page remains on your screen today.

Over the last year, we conducted a case study on our subjects and found that people who have chronic insomnia also suffered from Depression & Anxiety. 

It seems like our mission would not succeed if we don’t dedicate our energy and resources to this matter. 

It took a lot of time and money to build this because we actually asked 180 people to complete the program while documenting their problems, consulting best doctors for the solution.

From there, our team found that the cause of depression & anxiety was similar to most of the people.

In the end, we developed an easy and practical solution to tackle this problem. We named it Depression & Anxiety Sniper. The technique is built to speed up results for making you a person who is immune to depression & anxiety.

Because “Depression & Anxiety Sniper” uses the most effective and easy to implement techniques that are proven to work for all people, you won’t feel guilty that you are suffering from Depression by taking a shortcut that allows you to quickly speed down the road that makes you a person who is charismatic.

And along with the Depression & Anxiety Sniper, today I’m also including the Insomnia Sniper Checklist

 as well!

I know you will have lots of proven techniques, lots of information, but since you are human you might be overwhelmed with lots of information, that’s why we created an easy to remember, easy to follow a checklist so that your process of beating Insomnia is super easy.

Although our 7-minutes-a-day hack is guaranteed to beat insomnia, I also want you to have a step by step action plan to make your journey easy and pleasant, this is where Insomnia Sniper Checklist comes handy. 

It’s not the knowledge that counts, it’s the application of your knowledge that matters. With the Insomnia Sniper Checklist, application of your learned knowledge is so easy. It is where you will be able to beat Insomnia in the fastest time.

To SUM up, everything, let me show you what Insomnia Sniper Package Include

WHAT DOES “Insomnia Sniper Package” INCLUDE:

Insomnia Sniper (Main Book)

It gives you an overview of what is behind the scientific method, so you will have a clearer view of the mechanism to beat insomnia by tackling directly the root cause of Insomnia – alteration of your biological clock.

Following our step-by-step system, you will be able to beat insomnia with our 10-minute-a-day hack. Everything is much easier and effective if you follow a few simple steps!

  • Learn the secrets behind this innovative method that sleep-health industry, sleep aid device industry had been hiding from you
  • Understand the processes of beating insomnia and how not to fall into Insomnia again (this is more important than people think).
  • If you still think that avoiding coffee and alcohol, exercising, doing meditation is the most important activity to beat insomnia, read page 40, don’t cling to that old-fashioned lie and revolutionize your sleep life forever.

Depression & Anxiety Sniper

In the Depression & Anxiety Sniper, we will not give you B.S. lecturers that doctors, motivational speakers and gurus give. We will give you very simple instructions, derive an action plan and provide solutions to your depression and anxiety. 

  • Learn the secrets behind this innovative method that motivational speaker, gurus had been hiding from you
  • Understand the processes of depression and anxiety and how to recover it (this is more important than people think)
  • If you still think that medication and motivation is the most important arsenal you have to recover from depression, read page 10, don’t cling to that old-fashioned lie, instead, you will solve your depression and anxiety fastest way

Insomnia Sniper – High Energy Manifesto

It’s time to get energetic!

In the High Energy Manifesto, we will not give you a universal plan for everyone but we will give you very simple instructions to be super energetic that last throughout the day.

You will know exactly what to do, what to eat, how much to eat and when to do it and best of all, you can get each of the ingredients from any supermarket without spending a fortune!

  • You will discover what foods you should avoid if you want more energy. Most people consume this type of food every day, and that is like sabotaging oneself!
  • As if that were not enough, we will provide you with a list of the most delicious energy providing meals in the world. 
  • You will get a very simple plan to become super energetic. Live your life normally without worrying about your lack of energy to tackle your day.

Insomnia Sniper Checklist

Where do you think 99% of the results of improvement and treatment come from? By gathering knowledge? Maybe memorizing all the steps? Well no, it turns out that the most important part is the application. With the right action plan, you can conquer any goal you set. The results are always worth it if we compare them with the sacrifice.

The Insomnia Sniper Checklist will give you a systemic, easy step by step action plan to make your journey enjoyable.

  • Manage your action plan with easy to follow scientifically proven techniques.
  • Keep your motivation high with the right support during your change process
  • Be in control of your sleep with simple tricks and tips that will make you fall asleep a lot easier and faster…

Many people tell me that Insomnia Sniper Checklist is already worth the price alone, but it turns out that I want to make my Insomnia Sniper customers super happy. I give all these additional materials FREE at no additional cost!

Sounds good to you?

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to go through what Rose went through. Why would

you risk it when the solution Is right at your


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And, if you’re a little skeptical that this

can work for you, I completely


After all, you’ve been lied to and manipulated your

entire life into believing that sleeping pills, exercise and sleep aid devices are

your ONLY choice to target Insomnia.

Because of course, the $40 billion sleep-health industry will never tell you that there’s a quick, easy

and natural way to fall asleep and beat Insomnia.

So, here’s what I’m going to do…

To prove to you that this formula works, and you have

absolutely nothing to worry about

 I’m going to give you a

60-day, risk-free money-

 back guarantee.

 If you don’t experience a

dramatic improvement in your


if you don’t feel sleepy naturally and quick enough,

if you are not overflowing with energy and

enthusiasm (as your biological clock is targeted and your

sleep rhythm is coordinated with the cycle of daylight and darkness)

or even if you change your mind for any reason at all.

Even if have gone through the entire book, and if you still

want to get your money back, it won’t be an issue.

All you need to do is contact us within 60 days, and

we will refund you the purchase price right away. No questions asked.

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How EASY it is to target alteration of your body’s biological clock, to TAKE

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And remember your order is 100% protected by my

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OK, it’s time to take action…

You might not know it but you’re at an important

crossroads in your life right now…

And you really just have two options…

Leading to two very different lives…

One, a lifetime of energy and hope and passion for

life, where you LOVE your body and are amazed

every time you wake up energetic with goodnight sleep…

Where you are no longer be a prisoner of sleeping pills, to

sleep aid devices, to the fear of further


The other…

Well, the other is just a continuation of the life you

have now…

So, listen closely as I tell you what your two options

are so you can make the right choice for you…

OPTION #1: You can choose to do exactly what the

mainstream ‘sleep-health industry’ system wants you to do, and

carry on using sleeping pills, exercising, and maybe Insomnia seems to vanish for a period of time but having it all come back on and more…

Remember, by doing this you’ll never be free to live the life

what you want…

You’ll never escape the cycle of taking pills and using sleep aid devices

  • which were never designed to make you fall asleep fast and beat Insomnia for life. It was designed to keep you trapped in the yo-yo effect until the day you die…

That’s the way the sleep-health industry system works.

It locks you into a lifetime of sleeping pills and

expensive fads…

I think you already know what will happen if you do

take this option because you’ve felt it so many times


That feeling of hopelessness…

Of being depressed all the time, of being irritated and anxiety trapped in your body…

Of feeling yourself getting far from your family members because of your Insomnia…

Becoming more exhausted and more FED UP with your struggle with

your Insomnia and with your lack of energy every single day…

Wondering why it’s SO HARD for you to fall asleep and beat Insomnia…

Or feeling GUILTY because you aren’t spending

HOURS and HOURS watching YouTube Videos where a bunch of people claim to be experts only to be sad at the end because of not getting anywhere at all…

I know you don’t want that…

The average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life which equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours. 

Surprisingly, we also spent 7 years trying to get to sleep.

And remember, the average American will spend

$87,432 in their attempt to fall asleep over their


That’s the financial cost of doing nothing.

The human cost is far greater.

Is that really a risk you want to take to save

a few dollars?

Truth is, I know you are SICK of seeing your dark circle due to lack of sleep staring at you every time you look in the


Of pretending it doesn’t bother you and that you’re

“OK” with the appearance you have right now…

Of YEARNING to know what It’s like to have power

and control and ENERGY like you did when you were

a kid…

Which is why I want you to take a second here and

seriously consider taking:


And let’s face it, it’s the only option you have.

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NO MORE fear over Insomnia…

NO MORE feeling guilt or shame over ANOTHER

failed sleeping pills

NO MORE worrying about not falling asleep, or the lonely nights when your loved ones are sleeping

NO MORE feeling heavy and feeling disgust at how

you look in the mirror or what your partner thinks

about you 

NO MORE listening to B.S advice of those so-called experts who say you to avoid alcohol or coffee….

In a lot of ways, it’s the easier road because all it

takes on your part is deciding you love yourself

enough to say “Yes” right now…

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Learn the simple, tested method that SAVED my

beautiful wife Rose from the alteration of your biological body clock and an

early grave

Learn the SECRET to fall asleep faster, splendid energy throughout the day, healthy body that has been kept from you

for so long…

And imagine for a moment how that would feel…

The feeling you have when you beat that darn ugly Insomnia,

and have your life back…

The feeling when your wife or husband looks at you

with lust, with desire again, just as they used to in

the past…

Imagine yourself rolling out of bed feeling

light and strong for the first time in your


You’ll look and feel younger than ever before and you

will find yourself moving with the vigour and strength

of a person half your age.

You will support a healthy heart and arteries and your

sex drive will return as your hormones come back

into balance.

Which will mean you’re able to spend quality time

with your children, and watch your grandchildren

grow up, get married, and have kids of their own.

More than 166,304 Americans have beat Insomnia.

This is your chance to join them.

But time is running out.

So, make the right decision.

Make the only decision you can make, both for

yourself and your family.

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Hey, still here?

Great. I wanted to take a second to answer some of

the most common questions I get about Insomnia Sniper.

Because I want to make sure that you feel confident

and comfortable with your decision to order today.

So, number one is, is Insomnia Sniper right for me?

I get this question a lot, and the answer is always

the same…

Do you have problems falling asleep fast that you have tried to handle in the past but nothing’s worked? Because

if that’s you, then Insomnia Sniper is absolutely the right

choice. As we talked about earlier, the real problem

with not being able to fall asleep fast is the alteration of your body clock – which releases hormones which are responsible for keeping your wake. Insomnia Sniper will help you with that.

Is Insomnia Sniper safe?

Insomnia Sniper has been taken by thousands of folks

with no reported side effects. The only side effect

is having to spend a few bucks on a new garbage bag to throw the sleeping pills that you no longer need.

And Insomnia Sniper is a lot safer than sleeping pills or

any false claiming sleeping aid devices, because

you are restoring your body’s natural biological clock and

balancing your sleep hormones rather than disrupting it further.

Addressing the biological body clock is the single most important thing you can do right now for long-lasting

results now and into old age.

Insomnia Sniper is safer because whatever activities you are doing is totally natural, you will not even use an ounce of chemicals or use any devices. You will use what nature has to offer to balance your body with the accordance with daylight and darkness.

And, as always, if you currently have a medical

condition or you’re taking other prescription

medication, I advise you to give a copy of this book to

your doctor before you use it, just to be safe.

When should I perform Insomnia Sniper?

For best results, do it once a day, once a day is more than sufficient. However, make sure you do for at least for the first 10 days. Insomnia Sniper is going

to work with your body to naturally adjust you back

into a healthy sleep rhythm, and it’s going to leave you

energized, well-rested, and just overall enjoying life


What if it doesn’t work for me, can you tell me

more about the guarantee?

I’m confident that Insomnia Sniper will give you the powerful

support you need to target alteration of the biological body clock, but I

also know that no two people’s bodies work the exact

same way. So, a small number of people might find it

doesn’t give them all of the benefits they were

looking for. It may be because you are not following the advice properly or isn’t consistent with a 10-minute-a-day hack. However, whatever the reason, with every single copy of

Insomnia Sniper, comes with my personal 60-day 100%

money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re

unsatisfied with your results, you can just ask for a full refund, we will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked, and the good news is you still can keep the copy of Insomnia Sniper including the bonuses just for trying out. This is how confident I am that Insomnia Sniper will work for you.

What if I start to feel sleepy all the time?

This is actually a really interesting question that I get

asked sometimes. The results that we’ve highlighted

today is incredible, and if you do feel sleepy all the time, I would suggest doing a 7-minutes-a-day hack on every second day rather than every day. Insomnia Sniper is an extremely powerful


Now, I know it can be exciting to see results that

you’ve been wanting for so long, and then you want

to push yourself harder by doing it for 20 -30 minutes or even an hour. However, that is not necessary at all. 10 minutes a day is more than sufficient to get outstanding results.

But it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in

addition to taking Insomnia Sniper, and that way you’re going

to get the best long-term results.

So, I’m really looking forward to hearing your success story and I want to thank you for sticking

around and hearing about this incredible new tool

in your sleep journey.

I hope I’ve answered many of your questions, and by this time, I hope I’ve given you the

confidence to order your own supply of Insomnia Sniper


You can go ahead and do that by clicking the order now button below

and completing your Insomnia Sniper

order now. Remember you are also getting two incredible bonuses that will skyrocket your energy level throughout the day.

So just go ahead and click the button below,

complete your checkout, and I’ll be talking to you





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